Christopher Spartz Basketball Fall Showcase

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Christopher Spartz Basketball Fall Showcase


Christopher Spartz Basketball Fall Showcase

Scott Burgess

Senior Contributor to Prep Hoops #1 in Scouting Service Publication in illinois

Friday October 18th


Western Springs Recreation Center

1500 Walker St. Western Springs Il 60558


Cost: $100

Scott Burgess is coming back!

Because of 5 total commitments and 3 of which being full scholarship coming out of the event July 24th, Scott Burgess wants to see our players more!


What should families expect to come out of the event.

Media coverage will be provided by Prep Hoops contributor Scott Burgess. With over 48.5K Twitter followers Scott Burgess and Prep hoops will promote and push out information and profiles of highlighted players from the event.

With over 400 subscribed colleges to Prep Hoops from 100+ conferences, no platform gives athletes the opportunity to gain exposure with college programs more than Prep Hoops.

Building on Unprecedented Success:

Scott Burgess came and covered the Christopher Spartz Basketball Showcase on July 24th.

In large part to the media coverage and success of the event 5 players have committed play with full scholarships to five different college across the country.

Don’t wait to get on Scott Burgess’ radar!:

Scott Burgess covers game across the country and primarily Illinois all year long. The chances he will see your son again without your sons information being spoon fed to him with insight from Christopher Spartz Basketball trainers that know him best is rare and for obvious reasons.

Don’t wait. If you can play, show Scott now!

Spend 1 on 1 time with Scott Burgess, shake his hand and ball out as you’ll get a chance to play in front of him for a full hour and a half (90min).

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